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What is the UrZone?
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Is the UrZone suitable for both children and adults?

Absolutely! It's the size of a UK single mattress and with very steep mesh sides, we have increased the interior space to make it more comfortable for older occupants and also to limit the mesh rubbing on the face whilst sleeping (we have also ensured we have a softer sided mesh in towards the interior for additional comfort). It is also incredibly strong and durable so suited to both children and adults.

How do I wash it?

The UrZone will fit into most standard UK washing machines. We have designed it so that it splits into 3 - the roof and sides, the bed sheet and the base. This means that if your loved one soils the bed sheet, you can just unzip it for washing but if they soil the mesh / roof you can just unzip the top part of the canopy, leaving the base and mattress in place. The UrZone can be tumble dried on low or line dried.

What happens in a fire?

We have tested the material to 2 different standards. The 2 materials were tested to standard BS5867-2:2008(2015) and both passed Type B requirements (this is the standard for curtains, drapes, etc. as effectively the canopy is similar to a tent and the material 'hangs' at the sides. More importantly was the testing of the bed sheet which had to comply with the higher standard of bed linen, BS 7175:1989 (2013) and it was decided to go for the highest standard which is ignition source 7 (CRIB 7) and it passed (this is the level required for maximum risk, e.g. prisons).

This means the UrZone is flame-retardant to a very high standard. In a fire, if you had a baby in a cot, you would be responsible for helping them out the building. This is the same with the UrZone with the added bonus that at least you will know where they are - they won't be hiding in a small space somewhere, potentially not answering to their name. We also recommend families contact their local Fire Station and alert them to the fact that they have a safe enclosed bed in their property and its location to aid in an emergency situation.

Have you tested the material for toxicity and skin allergenicity?

Absolutely! There's a 'Sunday best' standard called Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1 (highest safety level - for textile items for babies and toddlers up to 3 years, i.e. items that they will be in close skin contact with) and the test components of which the UrZone material passed with flying colours but we weren't happy with just this. This only tests with alkaline testing and we wanted to test with acid testing (if someone managed to get a piece of material and swallowed it) so we added in the standard for EN71 part 3 (nursery toy testing in case a toy is chewed and swallowed) and again the UrZone passed with flying colours. The Managing Director's own son is sleeping in a UrZone - testing had to be carried out to an incredibly high standard!

How does the UrZone keep a person safe during a seizure of high night-time mobility?

The bed sheet is zipped into the main canopy so there's nothing to entrap a limb in and you can't slip underneath or between something as you can't get between the mattress and the frame.

How stable on the ground is the UrZone?

We believe it to be very stable. We have attached the main canopy to the base on all 4 sides to drastically reduce the 'tippability' of the structure. For added peace of mind, with a very strong, rambunctious individual, we also provide straps to affix the frame to a bed frame to prevent any movement at all.

Please note: If you have a very strong, active individual inside the UrZone which is unsecured to the floor or bed base and the activity inside is causing the frame to pull up on either side (like a rocking horse base), the frame MUST be secured to the floor or a suitable bed base to prevent damage. Please call us to discuss this if required.

Will it fit in my car? Is it portable?

Depends on the size of your boot! It disassembles into a single suitcase but it's just under 20kg (without an air mattress). For ease of handling, we include 2 suitcases in our standard package (a 75cm case and a slightly smaller one so that the weight is evenly distributed. Being able to pack it into 1 suitcase is probably preferable for air travel, and we believe airlines will allow it travel without additional cost as medical equipment.

Can I use my own mattress?

Sure can. We don't provide a mattress with the UrZone so you can choose whichever one is most suited to your needs.

My child is a sensory seeker. Will the mesh hurt his face?

Hopefully not but it depends on how much and how often the child rubs against the mesh. We deliberately chose a mesh that whilst very strong and durable, had a softer side so any damage from rubbing against it should be minimised.

Can I use an epilepsy sensor mat with the Urzone?

Yes. The mattress is in a separate zipped section which the occupant has no access to so you can use a sensor mat without worry that the occupant will play with it or remove it.

Can feeding tubes be used inside?

We include 4 access holes with our standard UrZone to allow feeding tubes, oxygen tubes, etc. to be passed through into the inside of the canopy without jeopardising its security. If you have bespoke requirements, please call us to discuss. Alternative access hole position or sizes is possible.

Can I get a bespoke design?

We will always try to accommodate the specific requirements of a user. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Do you sell outside of the UK?

Absolutely! We will soon be providing different sizes of UrZones to suit the specific country's mattress sizes. We can also take payment in other currencies. Please contact us for further details.

Is it easy to assemble / disassemble?

Yes. We have tried very hard to limit the number of different pieces in the frame so most parts are inter-changeable. To make it easier we have put knuckle (folding) joints on the frame so quite a few parts are joined already for you.

My child's respite centre are looking to buy one but multiple people will be using it. Is this OK?

Yes. Although it can only be washed at 40 degrees, sanitising liquid such as Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser can be used which will sanitise the canopy for another occupant. The aluminium frame can be wiped down with an appropriate cleanser.

Do you offer patterned material or projectors, etc.?

No. Solid colours are less visually alerting and can be calming so we have chosen at this time to only use solid colours for the main canopy. Likewise we don't put projectors into the UrZone as we wish to promote a calm, low sensory environment to decrease the time required for the occupant to settle to sleep. We would recommend only the bare minimum of toys inside a UrZone otherwise it is more likely the occupant will stay awake during the night if they wake up (playing with stimulating toys!) rather than go back to sleep again.

I would like a different material for my child to sleep on. Is this possible?

Yes. If you supply the material, we will cut and sew the zip on so it fits perfectly into your UrZone.

Will I be able to see inside?

Very much so. Although it may appear quite dark inside in some photos, it's not as dark as you would think, enough to calm, but not too dark.

My neighbours are complaining about the noise my son makes when he's banging about in his bed during the night. Will the UrZone be able to help with this?

Definitely. The bed is fully padded with thick padding so even if your son throws himself about inside, there's very little noise at all. And the padding means your child is safe from harm.

For further information or to place an order, please complete the contact form or call us on 0131 450 7124.

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