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What is the UrZone?   
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UrZone gives you 'Me Time' wherever you are
With a user-led design, HKD Solutions Ltd. have created a low sensory multi-functional safe space for sleep, calming down and relaxing. Designed for both children and adults, the UrZone ensures safe, comfortable sleep for individuals with additional, often complex needs and frequently for challenging behaviour. Hand-crafted in the UK, each UrZone can be tailored to the specific requirements of the individual.

Getting a break when you have a child with a disability which means they need familiar, safe surroundings when they sleep can be incredibly difficult. The beauty of the UrZone is that it disassembles into 2 x 360 spinner suitcases supplied - or just the larger one if required - which means that it is very portable, your loved one is taking their own bed with them so their stress is reduced, and wherever they go, whether it's on holiday, respite / to stay with an ex-partner / grandparents / friends, you know they'll be safe and sound. This also applies at home - if you have an individual who has a tendency to wander during the night, this will disturb the sleep of others in the household but the worry will most likely disturb your sleep as you wonder what they're doing. If you know your loved one is safe, you can sleep more soundly, or at the very least you can rest in the knowledge that they can't harm themselves or others through a lack of danger awareness.

The UrZone is approx. 1m high. There is a very good reason for this. From personal experience and from speaking with many health professionals, a person is more likely to settle to sleep quicker and go back to sleep if they're not getting sensory feedback from running about / bouncing off walls of a higher-walled bed. In terms of being enclosed, we've had claustrophobic people inside and they have felt absolutely fine due to the mesh all the way around. The diffuse light coming through the mesh actually has an excellent calming effect.

  • For children and adults
  • Prevents night-time wandering
  • Eliminates entrapment during seizures or high night-time mobility
  • Removes the risk of injury from falling out of bed
  • Strong and durable - suitable for daily use
  • Flame-retardant to the highest standard (CRIB 7)
  • Can be used on the floor, divan base, bed frame or profile bed (for high-low use as required)
  • Reduces noise for neighbours!
  • Extended access version for hoists
Extended Access Version of the UrZone
Why choose a UrZone?

Safety beds, particularly those for children, should not look scary. We have designed the UrZone with maximum effectiveness with a 'fun' appearance so there's no psychological impact for the user or carer. The occupant can also take themselves into it during the day during a meltdown, giving them back some autonomy when their body is feeling overwhelmed and out of control, therefore keeping them safe and those around them.

Ease of use - knuckle 'folding' joints means it's easy to assemble / disassemble (in only a few minutes).
UrZone folds down into 2 suitcases supplied
Following many months of development, we have a unique flexible frame design, incorporating gas struts, for increased strength and durability.

To make it easier to wash in most standard household washing machines, the UrZone splits into 3 sections (bedsheet, base, and roof / sides). It can also be tumble dried.

Optional features include hoist access and double-headed zip heads (for individuals with danger awareness who want to be able to enter and leave at will but who need the safety and security of a UrZone during the night for seizures). The standard UrZone and these additional features ensure the UrZone is the perfect choice for individuals with many different conditions, including autism, epilepsy, Smith-Magenis syndrome, Angelman syndrome, cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome, Alzheimers and other forms of dementia, sensory processing disorder, sleep-walking (somnambulism), nacrolepsy, global developmental delay, brain injury, head trauma, brittle bones, neurofibromatosis, and many more.

For further information or to place an order, please complete the contact form or call us on 0131 450 7124.

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