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HKD Solutions proudly presents the URZONE®!

The UrZone is a 6 in 1 bed / safe enclosed space designed to protect children and adults from night-time wandering and entrapment during seizures or high night-time mobility. The UrZone is one of the strongest and most durable safety beds on the market for adults and children with disabilities, whilst being portable and fitting into a suitcase for travel, respite and hospital use. Free trials of the UrZone are available and we have a 14 day money back guarantee. Full funding assistance is also provided if required.

For more info, please visit our 'UrZone' product section.

Market Leading UrZone - Hospital Model
Launching at Nursing Live in Liverpool on 10/11 November, 2023, HKD Solutions are proud to present the NHS approved UrZone - Hospital Model. Designed with the NHS, this model of the UrZone has passed rigorous testing and requirements of the NHS to improve patient safety of both adults and children. For more information, please visit the 'News' page, complete the contact form or call us on 0131 450 7124.

World 1st in Safety Bed Market!
HKD Solutions have designed the UrKool System - portable air cooling for the UrZone safety bed! Whilst a good, strong, swivel head fan will get cool air inside a UrZone, we are aware that some of our customers naturally over-heat or have seizure activity that worsens with heat. For this, we developed this system which allows for cool air to be pumped into the UrZone (essential oils can also be pumped in, if desired). If you'd like more information on the UrKool System, please complete the contact form or call us on 0131 450 7124.

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UrZone® is a patented product (EP 3426104 for UK & Europe and US 10961741 for USA). The name UrZone® is a registered trademark.