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HKD Solutions proudly presents the URZONE®!

The UrZone is a 6 in 1 bed / safe enclosed space designed to protect children and adults from night-time wandering and entrapment during seizures or high night-time mobility. For more info, please visit our 'UrZone' page.

The UrZone is the first in a brand new range of products which we are designing to provide families with answers to everyday challenges. We will also be selling products which we have sourced to make life easier - both for carer and end user. We hope you will love our range of products. Some will be used personally (we have a family member with special needs who is an absolute houdini!) but we will also have other products to help those with different challenges to the ones we personally face everyday.

World 1st in Safety Bed Market!
HKD Solutions Ltd. have just launched The UrKool System - portable air cooling for the UrZone safety bed! We are displaying this at the Kidz to Adultz Wales & West on Thursday 4th July. More info to follow!!

We would love to hear from anyone who is looking for a specific product but has been unable to find it. This will be how we grow as everyone has different problems to solve and we only know what we deal with daily so would love to hear from anyone with a different set of challenges that we can help solve! Please complete the contact form or call us on 0131 450 7124
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UrZone® is Patent Pending and the name UrZone® is a registered trademark.