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Date: 10/11th November, 2023

Photo of UrZone - Hospital Model

Launch of Market Leading NHS Approved UrZone - Hospital Model Safety Bed

HKD Solutions Ltd. are launching their latest product, the NHS approved UrZone - Hospital Model, to the UK Market at RCNi's inaugural event, Nursing Live, at the ACC in Liverpool on 10/11th November, 2023. Also showcasing at The OT Show at the NEC, Birmingham on 22/23rd November, 2023. "This will truly be a game-changer for hospitals requiring safety beds for both adults and children," said Heather Ling, Managing Director at HKD Solutions.

Newest Addition to a Growing Line of Successful Models
Many customers have already benefitted from the community UrZone models currently available: standard, extended access for hoisting, XL (220cm long), Junior, Junior XS and school model. The UrZone is the only safety bed on the market with over 95% success rate for sleep as well as safety.

With 100% anti-entrapment and being able to be placed on current hospital profiling beds, the UrZone - Hospital Model is suitable for both adults and children to keep them safe from wandering, entrapment risks from seizure activity / high levels of movement in a bed or self-injurious behaviour.

The UrZone - Hospital Model is suitable for individuals who are highly distressed or anxious in a hospital environment, providing a soothing and relaxing safe space to rest, relax and recover. It can be used in any wards or departments, including Post-Op and HDU:

Martyn Wood, Paediatric Disability Clinical Specialist, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children said, "The child slept well in it on his first night, pre-op, so with the potential for full access in an emergency, the anaesthetists were happy for him to stay in the bed in HDU post-op ... something we cannot do with our other beds."

Following a thorough design and implementation journey, this product has been designed with the NHS and passed all testing for NHS use, incl. infection control, tissue viability, manual handling, etc. The fact that the product is already proven over many years to create a soothing and relaxing environment conducive to rest and sleep means that patients may be able to be discharged more swiftly releasing vitally required resources. With increasing numbers of patients with learning difficulties / disabilities and other conditions requiring a soothing low sensory safe space, the UrZone will contribute to a more calm, safe working environment for both patients and staff in all hospital wards and departments where needed.

Safety beds are usually only considered for Children's Wards but teens / adults with the same disabilities / difficulties require safety beds in other wards and departments, too. Another feature of the UrZone is its portability - it can remain in place on a profiling bed for immediate use or can be easily stored in its suitcases and taken to be used wherever needed in the hospital.

The UrZone - Hospital Model has been driven by customer feedback and need as few hospitals in the U.K. have safety beds or a safety bed like the UrZone which promotes rest and sleep, not just safety. Parents / carers often delay vitally needed operations due to fear and anxiety as to how their loved one will cope in a hospital environment until it becomes essential. Patient management at that point can be exceedingly challenging for both parents / carers and staff and the UrZone helps to mitigate any potential issues with patient safety.

The UrZone - Hospital Model is a part of HKD Solutions' commitment to continue to deliver innovation where it's needed the most and with the life-changing results seen with the other UrZone models, they are confident that this model will prove very successful in hospitals and nursing homes for the benefit of their patients and staff.

Founded in 2015, HKD Solutions is in the forefront of the safety bed market with previous innovations such as The UrKool System - making the UrZone the only safety bed in the world with an air cooling solution.

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0131 450 7124.
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