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Date: 1st February, 2022

Launching the training / information webinar:
'Educational Environments: Supporting Positive Outcomes for Children with Sensory Needs' on Wednesday 2nd March, 2022

HKD Solutions Ltd. have proudly partnered with The OT Service to provide health professionals with a training / informational webinar for assisting OTs to support children with sensory needs in educational environments.

Previous webinars have covered the assessment process and risk assessment procedures for safety beds in a domestic setting. In this session, we explore how a holistic and occupational focused assessment considers all environments in which the person or child engages. We will specifically focus on schools and how providing spaces for children to feel safe and calm impact on educational outcomes and social development, reflecting on the evidence base to support robust clinical reasoning, and providing examples of successful intervention.

The learning outcomes for this webinar are:
  • Reflect on the use of environment to support education of children witih sensory needs
  • Discuss strategies of creating positive experiences to maximise educational outcomes
  • Consider current practice and opportunities to develop clinical practices

The webinar will be live on Wednesday 2nd March, 2022 for 2 sessions but a recording will be available for requesting following the webinar. We recommend that delegates register individually so that they receive all relevant post-webinar content and to be kept up-to-date when further webinars in this topic series are announced.

Date: April, 2021

Announcing the granting of our US patent!

We are very excited to announce that not only has HKD Solutions Ltd. been granted a European patent (EP 3426104) in 2020 for the UrZone® but it has just had a US patent granted (US 10961741) for it, too. The novel and innovative properties of the UrZone® have been recognised and we will strive to continue to improve upon its design and create further innovations to help in the lives of people with disabilities.
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UrZone® is a patented product (EP 3426104 for UK & Europe and US 10961741 for USA). The name UrZone® is a registered trademark.